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The Pan African Postal Union (PAPU), a specialized agency of the African Union (AU) was born in 1980 following the decision of the Plenipotentiary Conference of 35 OAU member countries during a meeting held on 8th to 18th January 1980 in Arusha, the United Republic of Tanzania. The purpose of forming the Union was to spearhead the development of postal services in Africa.

While it is true that the Universal Postal Union (UPU) is handling development of postal services worldwide, every region in the world has its own specificity making it necessary to provide Africa with a continental postal organization that is capable of spearheading and safeguarding the region’s interests at the global arena.
With its headquarters in Arusha, PAPU currently has a membership of 43 countries. The supreme policy making body of the Union is the Plenipotentiary Conference composed of ministers responsible for Communications and Information Technology of member countries, which meets every four years in Ordinary Sessions to consider and approve broad four-year programme of activities, budget ceilings for the four-year cycle, election of the Secretary General and his/her Assistant, among others.
The Conference also holds Extra-Ordinary Sessions where necessary.
  The Administrative Council which reports to the Conference, runs the affairs of the Union between Conferences. It meets annually.
The Council’s work is beefed up by Technical Committees that address a wide range of aspects of postal services as follows:
Development of ICTs and modernization of postal services and financial services
Improvement of quality of service, mail circulation and security of the postal network
Key UPU content issues and how the African continent can safeguard its interests on the global arena
Postal development, international cooperation and development of human resources
Development and promotion of philately in Africa
Strategy issues

The General Secretariat plays the critical role of coordination and implementation of the decisions of the above organs under the supervision of the Secretariat Management Board.


The Union recently adopted a new vision, mission and strategic objectives that are geared towards transforming postal services in Africa to be in tune with customer needs and expectations, as well enhanced viability of the post in the highly competitive communications environment.

  Some of the key elements in the new strategic direction include:      
development of modern quality products and services for customer satisfaction,
Improvement of quality of service, mail circulation and security of the postal network
establishment of efficient postal outlets and intra-African Mail Transmission Networks
improvement of efficiency and human capital at the Secretariat and member countries
creation of a single postal territory in Africa through harmonization of policies, practices and regulations; as well as common positions at the international fora; and enhancement of cooperation with sub-regional postal organizations
promotion of reforms for sustainable development of the Post.
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