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  I. Vision
  To be one Postal network in Africa, as part of the global Postal network that guarantees modern quality products and services for customer satisfaction.  
  II. Mission
To promote reforms in the development of physical, electronic and financial postal network in all member countries and encourage cooperation among stakeholders.
As regards Strategic objectives, the Board directed PAPU Secretariat to combine some of the objectives so as to have fewer. The Board also directed that we have an additional objective on reforms. To this effect the Secretariat merged, deleted and created new objectives, as follows:
  III. Strategic Objectives
  Objective 1 :  
  Establishment of Adequate and Efficient Postal Outlets, and intra-African Mail Transmission Networks  
Sensitize governments to recognize post offices as engines for socia-economic development, prioritize projects within National Development Plans and encourage creation of one stop-shop business-oriented post offices in urban and rural areas;
Set quality standards in line with international standards and customer expectations and regularly monitor achievement;
Benchmark on best practices for improvement of quality of service, diversification of products and home delivery services.
Encourage sub-regional projects and sensitize member countries on the need to use cross-border and intra-African Mail transmission by road to supplement air conveyance and minimize triangular routing.
  Objective 2:  
  Creation of new ICT Products and Services and Development of Postal Financial Services in Africa  
Pursue implementation of ICT related projects such as the E-Post Africa project to facilitate introduction of e- products and services and Encourage provision of value added services such as track and trace;
Closely coordinate with the African Union Commission for identification and implementation of continental postal flagship projects such as e-connectivity;
Partner with other stakeholders to identify sources of financing Postal projects, especially the development of an efficient financial network that allows secure and affordable electronic money transfers to serve migrants while contributing
to socio-economic development.
  Objective 3 :  
  Improve Efficiency and Capacity Building At PAPU Secretariat and in Postal Administrations  
Design and implement an appropriate structure and recruit suitable qualified staff, through employment and/or secondment by members;
Promotion of corporate governance principles especially teamwork, accountability and adherence to specified institutional core values;
Work in close collaboration with member countries, the African Union (AU), the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and other organizations for training/capacity building in new skills;
Assist in introducing/enhancing modern management techniques in member countries by benchmarking on best practices;
Undertake research aimed at improving postal services;
Sensitize administrations to have accurate data capture techniques and Establish a reliable data bank;
Avail appropriate tools to improve efficiency and general working conditions;
Improve the financial position of PAPU by enhancing revenue collection strategies, commercialization of "PAPU News", soliciting for voluntary financing for specified projects, initiating measures to bring new members on Board, and Development of PAPU Headquarters Building as a source of additional revenue.
  Objective 4 :  
  Creation of a Single Postal Territory in Africa  
Work closely with the AU to bring all African countries on board;
Harmonize best practices and regulations through the implementation of the AU study recommendations on postal sector, adopted by the Cairo 2008 CIT Ministerial Conference;
Reinforce cooperation among African countries and with the global partners in order to share best practices, experiences and expertise;
Closely coordinate with the African sub-regional postal organizations such as CPAO, EARPTO, SAPOA and COPTAC, for harmony and optimal utilization of available resources;
Ensure common positions at international forums to safeguard Africa's interests on key issues such as Terminal Dues.
  Objective 5:  
  Promotion of Reforms for sustainable development of the Post  
  Sensitize member countries to undertake necessary reforms for sustainable development of the Post, in line with the AU study recommendations on the postal sector adopted by the Cairo 2008 CIT Ministerial Conference, especially undertaking the following:  
Review of the legal statutes of postal organizations to enhance Management independence;
Modernization and Commercialization of the post to enhance self sustainability;
Clear separation of functions of the Postal Regulator and Operators;
Encourage private sector investment in the postal sector by promoting Public/Private Partnerships.
  Objective 6:  
  Promote Responsible and positive contribution to the community and environment  
  Undertake the following activities to promote Corporate Social responsibility:  
Regular interaction with the Host community, especially in meetings convened to address issues of national interest and welfare of the local community;
Participation in social activities within the immediate environment;
Encourage initiatives to ensure protection of member states interest
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